Our aim is to make homey comfort food packed full of veg or fruit.  Our Mac and Cheese is a perfect example.

This is not a recipe but a guideline for anyone who likes to cook.

The pasta is boiled with lots of tomato puree, and Italian style herbs – could be oregano, basil, thyme… to give it that Italian flavour.  A stock cube is added for additional flavour. You can add garlic powder too.

The pasta is then laid in an oiled baking dish, and covered with anything green we can find.   We chop up chard, spinach, kale, cabbage… and then we mix it all in with the pasta.. sometimes we add dried or fresh mushrooms.  You can try addign some crushed garlic, extra black pepper.. make it your own.  The point is to get a lot of veg mixed in and provide nutrition and fibre and for it to be very tasty.

The cream for the top is made by heating oil in a saucepan to which sauce flour or fine flour or cornflour can be added and stirred to make a thick roux. [Plenty of recipes for basic white sauce on the internet]  Cold milk is poured into that and stirred to thicken.  Keep stirring to avoid lumps.  One or more beaten eggs mixed with a little bit of cold milk, added to the mix ensures that the ‘cream’ is more solid when baked, easier to cut and easier to store in freezer boxes for the lads to reheat.   A stock cube [dissolve in water first] salt, pepper, or more hers can be added to the cream.

The cheese element is in the topping.  It’s expensive to make a cheesy sauce so we make a tasty sauce and the cheese is mixed with breadcrumbs and scattered on the top of the dish.. so the dish gets  a lovely crispy cheesy topping.

Modifications – This can be adapted for Vegan/Gluten /Dairy Free by leaving out the eggs, using soy or any other non-dairy ‘milk’ [unsweetened], gluten free pasta, rice flour or any other gluten-free flour to make the roux, and instead of cheese on the top, breadcrumbs swirled around with olive oil and some garlic powder.. to give it a tasty flavour.